Amelia and Arin’s Giving Season Story

Dear Friend,

We believe that every child deserves a chance to see their potential realized. Matching children with caring, supportive mentors changes lives. It changes the life of the Little and oftentimes, it changes the life of the Big as well. This giving season, make a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest and you’ll be empowering the potential of a child in our community. 

One relationship that has made a lasting impact on both the Little and Big’s life is that of Amelia and Arin. When Amelia was eight, her mother enrolled her in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program so Amelia could gain exposure to activities that she otherwise would not be given the opportunity to experience. When Arin moved from Pittsburgh to Worcester she was looking for a way to get involved in the community. As a naturally introverted person, she found herself not leaving the house much and was missing her involvement in the Pittsburgh community as a basketball and track coach. Ultimately, she signed up to volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Today, Amelia is ten years old and she and Arin are all about trying new things! This past summer, that meant participating in the Let’s Go Big program. Let’s Go Big is a program that began in 2019 and provides opportunities for matches to participate in exciting, outdoor adventures in a group setting with other matches. It’s a great opportunity for Littles to increase their confidence by trying new things while learning about the environment. Arin explained, “My goal for Amelia is for her to not be afraid of doing new things like me, but to be more adventurous. I know I have missed out on a lot of great experiences in my life through fear of the unknown. I want Amelia to get to enjoy those experiences.”

While participating in Let’s Go Big, Arin was particularly nervous for the kayaking trip because she is not a swimmer or comfortable near the water. Amelia took this opportunity to encourage her Big even when Arin chose to stay along the shore while everyone else ventured out. Amelia said to Arin, “You always help me when I’m afraid, so I’m doing the same for you.” At first Arin was afraid Amelia would be disappointed in her, but it was soon evident that the relationship they built together goes both ways. In that moment, Amelia was given the chance to be a supportive friend and provide encouragement, just as Arin has always done for Amelia. Amelia and Arin’s relationship is the perfect example of how powerful a mentoring relationship can be for everyone involved.

Stand with us today by making a gift this holiday season and help Big Brothers Big Sisters connect many more children like Amelia to caring, supportive adult mentors.

With Gratitude,

Amelia, Arin, & The Big Brothers Big Sisters Family

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